Content Writer


For most websites beyond the most technical and personal, the services of a content writer will be required. These individuals specialise in writing content for websites, and can adapt easily to different topics and styles – not an easy task, considering the wide array of sites and businesses out there on the web.

There is an ever-increasing demand for content writers, as both the number of websites continues to grow and commercial websites become increasingly complex and customer-focused. The growing awareness of how search engines operate, and what commercial sites can do in order to ensure their rise up the ranks of the search results has given the amount of online writing needed an additional boost. In short – the work of a content writer can give added value to a site and boost revenues.

Different skills are required compared to writing for print. Online readers are more prone to skim-reading, whereby their eyes rapidly scan copy for relevant or interesting phrases and skip over what they perceive to be unnecessary.

Most of a content writer’s work revolves around online marketing, in the sense that the writer needs to be aware of the smart use of keywords and key phrases for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how they fit into convincing, compelling and commercial copy. In this way, the profile of the company in question is not only lifted on the search engines, but original and enticing copy also encourages a visitor to spend longer at the site – and therefore increase the chances of them making a purchase while they are there.

Online Media Direct can offer clients content writers to keep their sites supplied with fresh news or blog items, as well as writers to revamp or completely rewrite a website itself. Whatever your needs, we will have the content writer for you